Electric/Hybrid/Hydrogen Fuel Cell news:

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Some recent car news highlights:

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Today I drove a 2011 Dodge Journey AWD 4dr Mainstreet…

Today I drove (for only a couple hours, mainly on the freeway) a 2011 Dodge Journey AWD 4dr Mainstreet. It was white with a black interior, V6 engine. While it’s pretty plain looking to me on the outside, it was fairly enjoyable to drive, the V6 paired well with a 6-speed automatic tranny, peppy enough, had a pretty good feel, though the suspension was a bit sloppy (soft) for me. This one had 3 rows of seats, so it would be good for large families or those that are often playing chauffeur for more than a couple people. I liked the interior (nice job people of Dodge’s interior dept.), not flashy like luxury types, yet not having that “computer-designed-plastic” feel. The center dash where the audio, hvac, etc. resides is well laid out, simple and to the point, I could figure it out quickly, and also connected my music via the aux jack (this one has USB connection also, but I didn’t try that), decent sound. The gauges were not always easy to see with the way the sun reflected off them (somebody tell Dodge how to angle the plastic in front of the gauges so that sunlight doesn’t glare off it, please!), however, in the center is a computer menu system with various options such as mpg, can be set to show your speed, thus alleviating the glare issue (as that part of the dash was easier to read). Well, I really don’t have a lot to say since I just drove it on the freeway for a couple hours, but, it seems like an alternative to a mini van for those that need room for lots of people, if this is you, maybe check it out.

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2012 Tesla Model S: Most Important New Car Since Ford Model T?

I have to say YES! Tesla started over in designing a car, by designing it based on it being electric powered rather than combustion engine powered.

(from Green Car Reports greencarreports.com)


ImageTesla Model S Alpha build

A Few Hybrid & Electric Car News Links

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2013 Tesla Model S – The Quickest Sedan in America

This is where electric cars can and will go!

In the vid he states this car is $90K and up, however it is available with 3 different battery sizes/ranges and a couple performance levels along with a “signature” model, (similar to a “limited” car). Pricing actually starts at $50K (before tax breaks) for the 40 kWh batt/160 mile range, 60 kWh/230 range $60K, 85 kWh/300 range $70K and on up to about $100K.

The thing to understand about electric cars is that all of your torque is available from 0RPMs on up. Electrics are powered by a motor not an engine. If you’ve ever driven a hybrid gas/electric car in “EV” mode, where you start off using only the electric motor, you really don’t get much power, this is because the electric motor in a hybrid vehicle is only supplementing the gas engine, it is not the main power of the car. I.E.: the ’12 Toyota Prius, the gas engine has 98 hp, while the electric motor has 36 hp*, so in EV mode you have 36 hp available. In power mode 134 hp using both gas & electric.

The high-end version of this car is available now, more models due out by end of this year. For more info., here’s Tesla’s website: http://www.teslamotors.com/

Here’s a direct link to the options/pricing page: http://www.teslamotors.com/models/options

(Look for more posts about electrics/hybrids/other alternative-powered vehicles. …I’ve been waiting many years for electric cars and solar energy to really catch on.)

(I have some news posts I wanted to post last week but was having difficulty learning how to use WordPress, so look for more news this week.)

*Note: (The Prius’s electric motor has 36 actual hp, called “traction battery” on toyota’s website, they claim the “electric motor” has 80 hp, but this is only on paper, besides, the hybrid hp rating is 134…98+80 does not =134.)

Car and Driver tests the 2013 Honda Accord sport model w/manual

Since I just wrote about a 4-door sport model sedan (’12 Camry SE), here’s Car & Driver’s test review of the new ’13 Honda Accord sport model, this one has 4 cyl. & 6-speed manual shifter.


(I’ll post more links in future on new manual shifter cars, as I prefer this over automatics.)

(snapshot from my Flipboard page as viewed on my iPad):