Today’s drive: 2012 Toyota Camry SE

I drove a brand new ’12 Toyota Camry SE today. I’m not much into sedans, however, if you are in the market for a new sedan, I would recommend checking out and test driving a Toyota Camry SE (there are no changes for ’13 models), Over the last year, I have driven all the redesigned ’12 Camry models (base, LE, SE, XLE), and the SE is really the only one I can say this about. It is available with a 4 or 6 cylinder engine (I’ve driven both). This one had the 4, and while the 6 is more peppy, they paired their 2.5l 4 with a 6-speed auto tranny which turns out to be a good combination, I had no trouble getting through intersections or passing if I needed to be quick. I’ve not tried it, but you can put the transmission in “S” mode where you can tell it when to shift, via paddle shifters in the steering wheel. I just told someone that I find most seats in toyotas uncomfortable, however, the driver’s seat in this model, 8-way power adjustable (including lumbar), was actually comfortable, made of both “leather” and cloth (new for ’12). For an MSRP (before dealer add-ons) just under $25K (includes carpeted mats ($299), 8-way power adj. driver’s seat ($440), no other options, power windows, etc. are standard w/SE), in that price range it’s a pretty ok driver’s car, pretty good road feel/responsiveness. The base audio in this car has decent sound, there’s a sub and it sounds like it’s optimized. I was able to hook up my iphone 5 via USB, it took over control of my ipod (touchscreen display), and I was able to play pandora via the iphone, and, even though it doesn’t have apps, it showed the song titles and such, as if it was an ipod. I was also able to hear car talk via my car talk app, although the display looked like iPod pause mode. (I have had difficulty with other audio units, more on that some other time). It also has volume controls and such in the steering wheel, along with controls for your phone connected via bluetooth (which I have not tried). It seems roomy and such, but I just drive the cars and don’t have time to really go through them and check the cargo area and spare and all that. So that’s about it. If you have questions, pleas add a comment, and I may be able to answer or I’ll let you know if I can’t. …I’m not advertising, I’m not a salesman, I just drive for a dealership (new toyotas and used everything), and thought I’d share my thoughts. That’s my driver’s point of view, in a nutshell.


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