It’s Back To The Future For DeLorean Fans:

Electric DMC-12 coming next year!

August article from Green Car Reports:

Just the “TUNED” video where Matt drives the prototype:

Mashable article w/slideshow from April’s NY Auto Show:

DeLorean Motor Company’s page on the prototype and upcoming electric conversion, including an ABC video with the CEO:

Epic EV (the company DMC is teaming up w/for the electric conversion):

Dave Delman & Tom Neiland’s website on previous development of the electric DeLorean:

Original (gas fueled) DeLorean DMC-12:

New Build (restored w/new interior, supercharged engine), Pre-Owned, Parts:

The DeLorean product and name was purchased about 15 years ago. Check out their website for cars, parts, locations, online store, wallpaper for your phone (like the one below) & more: (for everything DeLorean, gas or electric)

DeLorean in Autumn

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