About This Blog

This blog is for the part of me that is car-enthusiast. I enjoy driving and thought I’d blog a bit from this point of view.

Update summer ’13: I’ve decided a couple things recently: 1) I want to help raise consumer awareness for EVs (particularly BEVs) and solar/renewable energy. 2) I want to raise consumer awareness for solar (including myself) for their homes (and some people can do micro-hydro power).

So, I will be gearing this blog toward #1 above, mainly, I will post about electric vehicles and hybrids, and less about other vehicles. (Editing “About…” for now, will rewrite this later.)

You can also see that I currently drive an Acura RSX, it is a base model 5-speed manual tranny, eternal blue pearl paint w/black leather interior. (I subscribe to a forum called ClubRSX: http://forums.clubrsx.com/member.php?u=158477). I have interest in using alternative energy, so I will post links and info. when I read about something new in hybrids, electrics, and other transportation technologies. I am also becoming a bit of a do-it-yourselfer with my own car, (category: DIY). I hope to post at least 1-2 times a week, but, could post daily, just don’t expect me to post on a regular basis as I don’t have a regular schedule, and I’m a creative type, so I don’t always keep a routine going. Check by at least once a week, follow if you’re a WP blogger, or subscribe via email or RSS.

Another decision I’ve made: I bought my last gas-combustion car. I would like to convert my RSX to BEV (all-electric). I’m not much into sedans, but I do like the idea of owning a Tesla Roadster or perhaps the up-coming Model X. You see, I have waited since… as long as I’ve been driving, for electric cars to be mainstream. Look for a blog post about this soon.

I’m also part-: geek, artist, music-lover/dancer/audiophile, nature-lover/hiker, traveler, romancer, nerd, food-lover, movie buff… + more. My twitter & foursquare information are provided here somewhere and, while I do have info. related to the subject of this blog, I do also have many other personal interests, however, the subject of this blog will remain focused on cars/vehicles/transportation and such as described above. I provide my other contact info. only if you would like to know more about me personally.

If you have questions about my blog, or a specific car or other subject you want to see posted, please contact me via email (driverbenji@gmail.com). While I appreciate public comments, please keep to the subject of the post and blog. Thanks!

Do you own an iPhone? I see so many drivers holding the phone to their ear, when millions of iPhones are out there that I know came with a headset! Please use them, or (with whatever phone you use) a bluetooth hands free device!

Thanks, and have a 🙂 day!


P.S. About the background photo: Reflections. I was attempting to get a closeup pic of the sunlight reflecting the pearl paint finish on my car, instead I was getting reflections of the sky & trees, so I went with it.

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