2013 Luxo-Sport Sedans, Leaf, Rav4 EV & More

$46K Sport Sedan Shootout

The winner is no surprise, but 2nd place might be.


Hurricane Sandy and CNG fueled vehicles


2013 Nissan Leaf

First Look:


UK Review:


2013 Toyota Rav4 EV (CA only for now)

Translogic test drive w/Toyota


A full review:


One Year Driving the Nissan Leaf

For those seriously interested in this or other all-electric vehicles

(from description: “My good friend Chris Emerson has driven a Nissan Leaf for the last year, and we spent an afternoon chatting about his experiences driving an electric vehicle. Friendly warning that this is a long video, but Chris is a pretty insightful guy. If you’ve been curious about EV’s in general (and the Leaf specifically) this is a pretty in-depth look at what owning one in Los Angeles is like”)


I hope to blog more often in the near future, enjoy these videos for now. đŸ™‚ -Benji

Electric/Hybrid/Hydrogen Fuel Cell news:

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