Ride The Future Tour (EV) Launch Today

Today (July 4th) Ride The Future will begin an all-EV transcontinental trek (cars, bikes, motorcycles, and scooter), starting at 9AM in Charleston SC and finishing 3,745 miles, zero gas, across the country at Google HQ, Mountain View CA.

They will be setting three world records:

The Guiness Record for the Longest Journey:

1) in an Electric Car

2) on an Electric Scooter

3) and on an Electric Motorcycle

(Complete information at their website, here’s “The Scoop”: http://ridethefuturetour.com/how-it-all-began/)

If you’d like to help send them off, come out around 8am at Brittlebank Park on Lockwood Blvd, Charleston SC

I will be (re-)tweeting anything I find on this 44-day trek (see sidebar for my twitter link). There also is a twitter you can follow: https://www.twitter.com/@Ride_the_Future

Chicago Tribune writeup: http://cars.chicagotribune.com/fuel-efficient/news/chi-transcontinental-electric-vehicle-parade-20130626

Here are the stops: http://ridethefuturetour.com/611/